Terms & Conditions
Invoices payment must be made within 4 days from the submission date. If payments are delayed this will cancel our session agreement, whereupon your preferred booked sessions will be offered to someone else.

Please adhere to the 12-hour cancellation policy – if there is a no show or you cancel later than the 12-hour window you will lose your session with no refund or credit provided. If sessions are cancelled by our teachers/personal trainer you will be offered a class/session credit.

Booking packages expiry T&C  
Accounts are activated upon invoice payment. Accounts will be frozen if the teacher is on annual or sick leave and when a class replacement cannot be found.

- Block of 10 sessions – 3-month expiry
- Block of 5 sessions – 2 month expiry
- Single booking – 7 days expiry

Please speak privately with your health and wellbeing coach if you need to freeze your account for personal reasons – the teacher will use their discretion when making an informed decision regarding your request.